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It’s a Snow Day!

With a 6am text from my daughter saying “SCHOOL IS CLOSED TODAY!!! YAY!!!” I knew it was going to be a great day! News of the snow storm was all we could talk about the day prior with the hope of a snow day off and we got our wish.

photo 2_fotor

My day started with snuggles and warm breakfasts for the kiddos, followed by final touches on my Christmas decorations around the house. I was excited because my Dad, who’s been an avid hunter since he was a little boy, send me a new pair of deer antlers from his latest hunt in Stevenson, MI. I had an idea of incorporating them into my mantel-scape this year to go with my Bucks County themed family room which I so love.

Soon enough it was time to go sledding so off we went. What a blast we had, all of us girls. Racing down the hill, launching off the ramp and hiking up to do it again and again and again. I almost forgot how much fun it is to go sledding, mostly because we don’t get many good snow storms in PA. I think this year is going to be different though with two decent snowfalls in just a few days time. I hope this trend continues all winter long!

As the day went on, it was my time to play, and by play, I mean go out with my camera and photograph God’s splendor that he shared with us yesterday. The snow, so fluffy and bold. The sky so deep, bright blue. The chill in the air so intense (probably because I chose not to wear my gloves…).

I started at a golf course that’s close to my house in Langhorne with it’s rolling hills and towering pine trees that were covered so densely with snow.

From there, as the sun went down, I stopped at Core Creek Park, also in Langhorne, PA. What glorious colors and such a peaceful setting. The only sound I heard was that of the geese across the lake from me. It was breathtaking!

What a glorious day thanks be to God

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2 thoughts on “It’s a Snow Day!

  1. Hi Joanna, it’s Emma! I just wanted to say your photography is amazing and I love taking pictures, too, mind me not being that good.

    Keep on capturing what’s important to you!

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