I like a little music while I’m working

Tyler 2138

This session goes back a month or so… Yes, I’m still playing catch up from a busy Christmas season full of photo shoots, gift making, baking, family fun and Christmas parties.



This is my stepson Tyler, who is an amazing guitarist and musician so to showcase his style, we thought a session with his gear would be perfect to add to our family collection. Tyler is self-taught and has only been playing for a few years though you would never know it to hear and watch him play. He plays Metallica, Dream Theater and other heavy metal songs as well as ones he and his band mates have written.

Usually I turn on one of my iTunes playlists, Pandora or stream 104.5 but that was not necessary because Tyler played his new 8 string Ibanez guitar during the entire session! Tyler’s hands and fingers moved so fast that it was admittedly hard to keep up with the action on the neck of the guitar. In the end, I’m so pleased with the shots and Tyler has some new pix to use on his Facebook page and we have a graduation portrait that will always remind us of how Tyler was at 18.





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